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The Parent Infant Centre is a North London child psychotherapy clinic that works with children from the earliest months through to adolescence

We provide a full range of child psychotherapy, parent infant psychotherapy and related therapies, such as music therapy and paediatric physiotherapy. The Centre also delivers professional training in infant mental health.

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New from the Parent Infant Centre

New book

Surviving the early years
The Importance of Early Intervention with Babies at Risk

Edited by Dr Stella Acquarone.

This book is about the hope underlying the ability to survive the early years. Coleridge’s The Rime of the Ancient Mariner is both metaphor and framework of the despair and hopelessness that some babies and parents experience in their efforts to hold on and go through difficult circumstances. Their early experiences are not voyages “into a sunny and cheerful sea”: some are years-long voyages into horror and weariness - babies born into difficult families, into countries in difficulties or into difficult circumstances, such as in prison or in an intensive neonatal unit.

Different professionals, each expert in their field, explore these difficulties and how families and professionals contain and transform them. This book brings us face-to-face with the wonderful capacities of the newborn and the great potential for parents and child to continue growing together in a society that cares for them.

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Training from the School of Infant Mental Health

Diploma in Parent Infant Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy

Become a UKCP-registered psychotherapist

Apply now for the next intake in January 2017.

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This is four-year professional training that includes theoretical and clinical seminars, an infant observation, 450 hours of supervised clinical practice and trainees' own therapy for the duration of their training. 

Introduction to psychoanalysis

15 fortnightly seminars starting in January 2017

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This is a one-year certificate course that provides an introduction to psychoanalysis. The course looks at key psychoanalytic ideas such as the unconscious, drives and transference, and foundational texts by Freud and Melanie Klein.

Introduction to infant development

15 fortnightly seminars starting in January 2017

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This is a one-year certificate course in infant development. The course takes participants through the first months of life, looking at topics such as the foetus and birth, breast feeding, attachment, brain development, the role of fathers and the challenges faced by refugee families.

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