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The Parent Infant Centre is a North London child psychotherapy clinic that works with children from the earliest months through to adolescence

We provide a full range of child psychotherapy, parent infant psychotherapy and related therapies, such as music therapy and paediatric physiotherapy. The Centre also delivers professional training in infant mental health.

Open Evening April 20th 6-8pm

The Centre is holding an Open Evening April 20th 6-8pm. This is an opportunity to meet with staff and current trainees, and to find out more about the training. You attend in person or via Skype. Click here for more information.

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Changing destinies

The Re-Start Infant Family Programme for Early Autistic Behaviours

Different, but not less

Different approaches for challenging children

A new book by the Centre's Founder and Principal, Dr Stella Acquarone.

This is a series of workshops for parents and professionals held on eight Friday mornings between April 29th and July 1st 2016

This book describes the pioneering work of Dr Acquarone in helping young children with early autistic behaviours and their families. This work has crystallized into an holistic and intensive family programme that combines parent-infant psychotherapy, adult and couple psychotherapy, speech therapy, paediatric physiotherapy, and art and music therapy.

The intention of this programme is to help the child and family to reach their fullest potential.

The book is divided into three sections:

  1. Underpinnings of our approach
  2. A model for treatment
  3. Parents' feedback and author's conclusion

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Parenting or working with a child who has special needs can be challenging. As well as being a source of joy, these relationships can sometimes be confusing and emotionally demanding.

This course tackles some misconceptions about children with special needs and shares a different approach to providing them with support. The key to this approach is to keep in mind the child and its relationship with parents and professionals.

The course is for any parent of a child with special needs or for professionals who work with these children. By special needs we include special physical, mental or behavioural needs. The course will give participants a deeper understanding of the difficulties in forming relationships with the child and will provide strategies for making effective interventions.

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