School of Infant Mental Health
It can be too late, but never too early


Here you will find a selection of books available to purchase from the Parent Infant Centre. Places on upcoming weekend and other short courses can also be purchased.

Books and other items marked * are available free of postage.

Surviving The Early Years*

The Importance of Early Intervention with Babies at Risk.

Edited by Stella Acquarone

Price: £30.50

Changing Destinies*

The Re-Start infant family programme.

By Stella Acquarone and Isabel Jimenez Acquarone

Price: £28.99

Signs Of Autism In Infants*

Recognition and early intervention.

Edited by Stella Acquarone

Price: £28.99

Infant-Parent Psychotherapy*

A handbook by Stella Acquarone

Price: £32.99

How to purchase

Please call the Parent Infant Centre (09:00am to 5pm UK time) 020 7433 3112 to place an order for these books. If the device you are using supports “Click to call” you can click on the button below and this may initiate the phone call.